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Everything's Sacred

Rev. Carolyn DeVito is an ordained Interfaith Minister and registered NYC wedding officiant affiliated with the Interfaith Temple of NYC, a certified Integral Yoga Instructor, affiliated with the (615) 491-9471, and a trained and attuned Reiki Master. She currently offers a variety of meaningful and personalized ceremonies, public and private yoga sessions and meditation classes, as well as individualized Reiki sessions to those in the NYC area.

Rev. Carolyn offers a wealth of spiritual knowledge and skills and a quality of presence which creates an inspiring, powerful and transformative experience, whether in a yoga class, a reiki healing session, or during her Sacred Ceremonies. She presents no answers, offers no “shoulds” and believes in empowering others to access their own innate wisdom and to offer themselves support. The philosophy behind her work is - we are enough, as we are. All of her work is driven by a personal commitment to honor you exactly as you are and empower you to manifest the vision you hold for yourself in your heart.

You are Sacred as you are.

Contact Rev. Carolyn at everythingssacred@gmail.com